Tilbake til forsiden

Med eigen båt

With your own boat you can travel from place to place in and out the fjord, completely independent of the ferry schedules. There are several great areas to explore close to the fjord, and many places the quay is a great base for day trips to the abandoned farms and mountain pastures.

There are many different attractions in the Fjord. We can mention Helleren, Fantaholå, Wiskyfossen, wild goats, bathing places, base jumpers, etc., etc.

Lysefjorden Marina is located on the south side of the Lyse fjord with a grocerie shop and home baking. In addition, they also have an apartment for rent and a guest harbour. Tel. 51 70 39 00. WWW.lysefjorden.no. There are also a few boatplaces set up in Lysebotn.

Flørli - new boat harbour established i 2012!

Come and visit the new guest harbour at the exiting former power plant "town" Flørli!