Tilbake til forsiden
Andre fotturar. The mountains around Lysefjorden is a paradise for hikers. Here you will find all the best of the Norwegian nature. Quiet lakes, running water falls, steep cliffs, fjords, greenbeds, small rural communities, old farms and old travelling routes.

Andre fotturar

You can wander through the real Norwegian culture and nature. The area is also very rich in animal and plant life.

There are marked paths around the entire fjord. The whole trip takes around 8-10 days, with lodging located at suitable daily legs.You can also select to split up the path around the fjord, so you can compose everything from great one-day trips and up to 10-day trips yourself.

YOu will find different suggestions for trips below. If you want to go for longer hikes in the mountainswe recommend that you contact the  Stavanger Turistforening: www.stavanger-turistforening.no, tel. 51 84 02 00, which offers a selection of maps and books from the area, and an overview of the tourist associations cabins.