Tilbake til forsiden
Flørli. During the last 100 years Flørli has been transformed from a combined rural and industrial area to a cultural area. You should disembark in this newborn cultural place and see the dramatic transformations the area has experienced


You will get to know the story behind the hydroelectric power station, the water pipes feeding the station and the 4444 steps built along the water pipes, supposedly the longest wooden steps in the world. You can also use Flørli as the starting point for an overnight trip into the mountains. Included in the trip is the overnight stop and a meal recreating the taste as well as the presence of history. The last resident of Flørli left in 1999, but lately people have been moving back and are creating an area of cultural activities. Bed and breakfast accommodation is available as well as guided tours.


Opening Hours FLØRLI 4444:


1st may - 30th september. Rest of the year on demand.

Power Café:
every day from saturday 20th june to sunday 23rd august, 11:00 - 18:00

every friday and saturday from 19th june to 23rd august, 20:00 - 00:30

Open for groups in demand:
1st may - 31st october.