Tilbake til forsiden
Preikestolen. The most famous mountain formation in the Lysefjord is The Pulpit Rock. The plateau or mountain shelf, protrudes about 30 meters from the precipitous mountain and thrones some 600 meters above the fjord.


The Pulpit Rock is among the most famous tourist attractions in Norway. Up to 150 000 tourists visit the place every year. No other tourist attraction in the country encourages people to walk so far in order to experience the magnificent and unspoilt nature of the fjords and mountains. To get to the Pulpit Rock you can go by ferry from Stavanger to Tau or from Lauvvik to Oanes. From Tau and Oanes it is only a short drive to the Pulpit Rock mountain lodge where the marked track for the Pulpit Rock starts. If you use public transport there is a bus service from the ferry quay at Tau to the Pulpit Rock mountain lodge. You need 4 ? 6 hours for the round trip from the lodge to the Pulpit Rock. The trek has a difference in altitude of 330 meters, and you have to negotiate a track that spans all sorts of terrain. Through wooden areas and over marshes as well as across tough taluses and hard Lysefjord granite. From The Pulpit Rock you have an unlimited view of the Lysefjord and its surrounding mountains. Remember to wear sturdy shoes, warm clothes and to bring a packed lunch.

Information about bus/ferry on: www.fiskepirterminalen.no or www.regionstavanger.com