Tilbake til forsiden
Lysefjorden. The Lysefjord is a mighty natural phenomenon. The wild and dramatic fjord cuts its way 40 kilometres into the country between steep mountains. The Lysefjord is carved and formed by the glaciers during the Ice Age. Because of this the fjord is considered a genuine nature document and a geological pearl.


The Pulpit Rock and Kjerag are the most famous mountain formations. Thousands of people find their way here every year. In this wild landscape people have clung to the hills and the mountainsides for thousands of years. You can discover signs of human activity and conquering of the wild in many places along the fjord. There are numerous stories about the people who have lived here, both well known people like Pilt-Ola and the more anonymous inhabitants on the farms along the fjord. Some of those stories are so unbelievable you will be excused for
thinking they are fiction and not fact. By following the trail Around Lysefjorden, a network of tracks marked out by the Stavanger trekking Association, you yourself can, provided you are fit, conquer this area. The local community centre of Forsand and the ferry quay at Oanes are situated at the mouth of the fjord. Lysebotn, situated at the very end of the fjord, has become a centre for extreme sports during the last couple of years.