Tilbake til forsiden
Forsand. Forsand is situated in the crossing point between two major fjords. Lysefjorden is 42 km long and runs east, while Høgsfjord goes south. Since ancient times the fjord was the only way of transportation. Forsand was a natural meeting point for people from the areas around the fjord.


The municipality is a mixture of mountains, valleys and fjords. Most people Forsand which is the center. Otherwiaw people have settled from Helle and up Espedalen. On the other side of the fjord there are scattered settlements along the fjord and along highway 13 from Oanes to the municipal border.
Nature has in earlier times been the natural food supply - by fishing in the fjord, agriculture in the flat areas and up the valleys natural household related to hunting, farming and fishing. Today, the business substantially relates to agriculture, sand extraction, aquaculture, tourism and various small businesses.