Tilbake til forsiden
Songesand. Songesand is a small place along the Lysefjorden in Forsand in Rogaland. The site is located between Lysebotn and The Pulpit Rock, on the north side of the fjord.


There is no permanent residents today, but a little further up the mountan sidea  there are a few farms still in operation. There are nowroad from Songesand Jørpeland. Songesand has its own jetty.

In earlier days, there has for periods been living up to 36 people, many of them children.Post office was located down by the fjord, while the school house and chapel was located midway between the farms along the road, which was a little over 3 km. The school was finally closed as a school in 1969 after some years with 3 - 4 students.

Until the road was fully developed in 1994, there was no other way of communication than by boat and telephone, and a footpath between Lysebotn and the Pulpit Rock. The boat went between Lysebotn and Stavanger, going  in the fjord one day and back out the next day.