Tilbake til forsiden
Fottur til Kjerag - buss og båt.

Fottur til Kjerag - buss og båt

Every day from 25.06. - 28.08 and Friday - Sunday up till the  25.09. Buses from Fiskepirterminalen in Stavanger at 08:00 and from the  bus station in Sandnes at 8:20.
The trip takes about 11.5 hours, including the 5-hour hike.

The path is prepared and marked, but with a difficulty level a bit more demanding than the Preikestolen. The walk require appropriate footwear and clothing for all  weather conditions on the day trip. Take a packed lunch for the hike itself. In the parking area there are toilets, information and dining in season. There are no toilets along the route.