Tilbake til forsiden

The Lysefjord is located in close proximity to the oil capital of Norway: Stavanger. It is the nearest fjord to the rest of Europe. The Lysefjord is carved out and shaped by glaciers during the ice ages. In this wild and brutal mountain people have scratched onto the hills and mountains for thousands of years. In many places you can see traces of human activity and conquest of the wild nature. Come and join the conquest of the wild nature as an active participant. The Pulpit Rock and Kjerag are both internationally renowned tourist destinations and are visited by hundreds of thousands each year. The Lysefjord also offers a lot more. Exciting fjord cruises, accommodation and not at least the prehistoric village Landa.The world's longest wooden staircase with 4444 steps in Flørli is now sailing up as a major tourist attraction, and if you are really fit you should test your strength climbing these stair. Are you really fit you can walk around the whole fjord along the Stavanger Tourist Board trails "Lysefjord around." The center for extreme sports you'll find at the end of the fjord. The municipal center Forsand and the ferry point at Oanes is located at the entrance to the Lysefjord.